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About Me


Howdy, I'm Pami. I moved to Oregon in 2003 from a small ranching community in Northern California. Growing up I was always connected to nature through my parents gardens and backpacking in the beautiful Marble Mountain wilderness. 

I have degrees in Geography and a Masters in Public Policy. After school I volunteered for AmeriCorps for a year and then was lucky enough to get a job with the OSU Extension Service. For over ten years, I worked with the Master Gardener and Small Farms programs teaching horticulture and coordinating projects and research programs. It was invaluable experience and I'll always cherish my time there.

Working with famers inspired me to try my hand at it and at the end of 2020, I began the process of turning the dream of a small flower farm into a reality. For four seasons, I grew cut flowers on about 1/3 acre in the field and a large hoop house area for season extension. I also managed a passive greenhouse where I propagated my own starts and grew some flowers in crates. This was the most amazing and hardest experience of my life, bringing people together with the farm and flowers.

Life's priorities have shifted and I no longer live on or manage my own farm. I hope to pursue it again someday. For now, I am thrilled to continue supporting the local flower and farm movement. I will continue to curate my flower offerings and services from the best local blooms available. I have made amazing connections over the years and am proud to bring  you the best and freshest Willamette Valley blooms to you.



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