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About Us


The Farm

    We are fortunate to live on 5 acres in the southern Willamette valley between Coburg and Harrisburg. We are about 20 minutes north of Eugene and 30 minutes south of Albany. 

     At the end of 2020 we began the process of turning the dream of a small flower farm into a reality. We now grow on only about 1/3 acre in the field and also manage a passive greenhouse where we propagate our own starts and grow some flowers in crates. 

      Our season typically runs from April - November but we did install a large hoop house that will allow us to extend our season more! We invite visitors to come out for U-pick or events starting in June.



The Flowers

    We focus on growing bulbs, cool season annuals, drought tolerant summer annuals and perennials for our cut flowers. We sell mixed bouquets at our farm stand and events, bulk flowers at our U-pick events, custom arrangements and we can also do small weddings or events.


Pami, the brains of the operation. The flower lady. Prior to the flower farm, she had worked for OSU Extension Service for the 10 years supporting other small farms and gardeners in achieving their dreams. She had been working the plans of her own farm for years and is now able to chase the dream herself.

Jerry, the one who tames the mud and builds stuff. Working the land is not something new to Jerry but the flower plan sure is. Jerry works a full time job off the farm but you'll see him on the tractor and slingin' beers behind the County Line Bar!

The ones who do
the work


You might see these silly faces out at the farm or at an event. Meet our two kiddos!


Cole (red shirt): the destroyer, the dirty kid.

Gavin (blue Shirt): the lego master, the calculated one.

The ones who do
no work

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